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A country where action, colour and flavour are turned all the way up, it’s got to be India. All your senses will come alive as you explore the mouthwatering markets, soul-warming festivals and impressive architecture. We’ll take care of all your India tour essentials, while you choose from our optional experiences to create your ultimate India trip, because that’s how we like it best. Whether you want to go in search of tigers and leopards in the jungle, or witness a sacred ritual on the River Ganges, you’ll get lost and discover India, but always your way

Our Favourite India Tours

Icons of India

12 Day India Tour to Delhi, Jaipur & Varanasi. Get out there and discover why India is something special, from the vibrant streets of Delhi to the Pink City of Jaipur and the sunset romance of the Taj Mahal. Wander through fragrant markets and stunning palaces, discover the history of ancient forts and ruins, and get up close with the incredible culture as you witness sacred ceremonies on the Ganges

Don't Take Our Words For It

Traveling to India was a dream of mine for many years. Even though I had been on many self planned and guided trips around the world I just didn’t know where to start. Luckily somehow I stumbled across the India for beginners page on Facebook. From first contact Mariellen and her team really listened to my desires interests and needs.

After we decided to go to India on the spur of the moment from Sri Lanka, we did some fast research on options. We knew we wanted to see the Golden Triangle and spotting a tiger had always been on our bucket list. We also knew that they were hundreds and hundreds of companies offering Golden Triangle tours.

All went great, thank you so much for arranging the trip and helping me along the way with all the extra help and attention. You truly made the adventure very easy. I am very grateful that I stumbled across India for Beginners, it’s exactly what I needed. India is often overwhelming and it would not be as enjoyable navigating it alone. As a solo adventurer, it was exactly what I needed, thank you! .

Included India Bucket List Items

An India tour with Travocation will have you falling in love with all the top sights, from the forts and palaces of Jaipur to the iconic Taj Mahal.

Admire the Taj Mahal at Sunset

Witness an unforgettable sunrise at the Taj Mahal, an iconic symbol of love and opulence. The renowned structure, a hundred times more awe-inspiring in person, will leave you mesmerized as the radiant white marble transforms into hues of pink and gold. Don't miss the chance to capture a photo from the iconic 'Diana seat' for a truly memorable experience!

Experience an Aarti Ceremony on the River Ganges

Embark on a journey to the spiritual core of India as we guide you to witness a traditional Aarti ceremony on the sacred banks of the River Ganges at dusk. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere as Hindu priests light lamps and chant prayers for Mother Ganga. You'll find it almost surreal as candles and flowers are offered, gently floating down the river, creating a truly magical experience.

Visit the Amber Fort and View the Palace of Winds in Jaipur

For enthusiasts of ancient history, Jaipur is a captivating destination that will leave you in awe. Housing the UNESCO-listed Amber Fort, the city boasts a grand palace adorned with glittering white marble and hues of pink and yellow sandstone. The iconic Palace of the Winds, featuring five stories of intricate latticed windows, is a visual feast that promises to keep your camera busy capturing its stunning beauty.

India Your Way

Tailor the India trip of your dreams with our range of Optional Experiences. Choose from adventures like exploring the ancient Agra Fort or listening to the moving qawwalis on your Delhi tour.

Visit the Impressive Agra Fort

History enthusiasts must not overlook the UNESCO-listed Agra Fort, a pinnacle of Mughal architecture. Roaming through the labyrinth of structures and expansive underground sections was an incredible experience. The fairytale palaces and magnificent mosques provided ample opportunities to capture stunning shots, making it a memorable visit for any avid photographer.

Listen to Qawwalis in Delhi

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring strains of qawwalis, devotional music, at the dargah (tomb) of the Sufi saint Nizam-ud-din Auliya—the ultimate venue for this spiritual experience. As the sun sets, the air resonates with heartfelt expressions of faith at one of Sufism's most venerated sites. The magic of qawwalis reaches a heightened enchantment during Basant.

Visit the Revered Pilgrimage Site of Sarnath

Sarnath exudes a truly magical aura, being the sacred ground where Buddha delivered his inaugural sermon post-enlightenment. The enduring Dhamek Stupa, marking the spot of his teachings, stands as a testament to this profound moment. Numerous ancient ruins beckon exploration, including a revered Bodhi tree,

India Your Way

Tailor the India trip of your dreams with our range of Optional Experiences. Choose from adventures like exploring the ancient Agra Fort or listening to the moving qawwalis on your Delhi tour.

Tandoori Chicken

A trip to India is incomplete without savoring the delights of authentic tandoori chicken. Prepared by marinating chicken chunks in yogurt and spices, the dish gets its name from the special clay oven, the tandoor, in which it's roasted. The result is a mouthwatering experience—tender, juicy, and delicious.

Rogan Josh

Experience rogan josh like never before in India. Traditionally crafted with lamb or goat, the dish is generously coated in yogurt and a medley of herbs and spices, featuring the distinctive Kashmiri chilies that characterize the delectable Kashmiri cuisine. Don't miss the chance to savor this culinary masterpiece while it's hot!

Masala Chai

Indulge in the perfect pick-me-up with an authentic masala chai, crafted from black tea infused with a delightful blend of Indian herbs and spices—cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger. Discover the best spots for this aromatic delight in tea houses scattered throughout India as we guide you to a truly immersive experience.

Best Time to Visit India

We love exploring India any time from October to June, when the weather is fine, the wildlife is easier to spot, and the festivals are in full swing.

Best Time to Explore India’s National Parks

To increase your chances of spotting the tigers at Ranthambore National Park, visit during the hottest and driest months of April to June when wildlife emerges in search of water.

Best Time to Experience the Festivals of India

India boasts a diverse array of vibrant festivals, including Diwali, the Festival of Lights, celebrated in October or November, and Holi, the iconic Festival of Colors, typically observed in March.

Best Time to Visit India’s Golden Triangle

While you can explore the Golden Triangle at any time of the year, our preferred months are from October to March. During this period, you can enjoy milder temperatures and sunny days, enhancing your overall experience.

Packing Tips For India

Light and modest clothing

When in India, opt for long, lightweight clothing to shield yourself from the heat and to show respect for the conservative culture, particularly when visiting religious sites.

Sun protection

Given India’s renowned blazing heat and abundant sunshine, be sure to pack essentials like a hat, UV-protected sunglasses, and SPF 30 sunscreen to ensure sun safety during your trip.


Include a pair of binoculars in your packing list for jungle game drives in India. They will prove invaluable for spotting elusive tigers and other incredible wildlife in Ranthambore National Park.

How To Responsibly Travel In India

Do Not Support Exploitative Elephant Tourism

Avoid engaging in exploitative elephant tourism activities, such as elephant riding or trekking. These beautiful creatures are often subjected to abuse and mistreatment for prolonged periods to ensure compliance or performance within tourism venues.

Maintain Modesty

Cultural sensitivity is crucial in India. Remember to cover your legs and shoulders, and refrain from public displays of affection such as kissing, as they are considered inappropriate in the local culture.

Say No to Plastic

Contribute to minimizing India's waste disposal challenges by opting for refillable bottles and bags. This environmentally conscious choice helps reduce the introduction of excess plastic waste into the country.

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