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Kashmir: Top 10 Places to Visit in Kashmir Holidays

If you are thinking of visiting Kashmir, here is a list of some amazing places that may attract you.

Location Description
दल झील (Dal Lake) This is a major attraction of Kashmir, where you can ride Shikara and roam in the clouds on the lake shore.
गुलमर्ग (Gulmarg) It is a famous hill station, situated between the Himalayan mountain peaks. Enjoy skiing, golf, and trekking here.
शालिमार बाग (Shalimar Bagh) It is a royal garden that was built during the time of the Mughal Empire. Its beauty and spirituality attract.
सोनमर (Sonamarg) It is a small mountain village which is full of natural beauty during the rainy season. Enjoy trekking and tourism here.
पहलगाम (Pahalgam) This is another popular hill station, located on the banks of the Ludhiana River. Enjoy rafting, fishing, and trekking here.
शंकराचार्य मंदिर (Shankaracharya Temple) This temple is located in Sonamarg and is dedicated to Shiva. A beautiful view of Kashmir can be seen from here.
जम्मू और कश्मीर के राष्ट्रीय उद्यान (Jammu and Kashmir National Park) The park preserves the natural fauna and habitats of Kashmir, such as the Himalayan black bear and bard igloo.
लद्दाख (Ladakh) It is a unique and stunning site in the northern Indian state, famous for its extreme natural beauty and Buddhism.
चश्म-ए-शाही (Chashme Shahi) This is another royal garden which was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Its beauty and location on the banks of the river attract people.
चिलाई वन (Dachigam National Park) This national park is a main tourist attraction of Kashmir, famous for the Himalayan Bard Igloo and the Himalayan Tomb.

This is just a list, there are many more places in Kashmir that you can visit.

Famous Tourist Places of Kashmir: Heavenly Land

Dal Lake - A Winter Landscape
Dal Lake

Kashmir is a historical and beautiful state of India famous for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. The tourist destinations here are popular all over the world, and every year millions of travelers come here to enjoy the beauty of this state. Here we will discuss some major tourist destinations:

दल झील (Dal Lake)

Dal Lake is a major tourist destination of Kashmir and here you can enjoy many exciting activities. Here are some options for you:

  • Shikara Ride: Enjoy the Shikara Ride at Dal Lake. This will give you a unique experience of roaming around the lake.
  • Tea on the banks of Dal Lake: Find peace of mind by having tea on the banks of the lake and enjoying the beautiful view.
  • Photography: Photograph the beautiful landscapes of Dal Lake and capture the special moments of your trip.
  • Hunting: Some people go to Dal Lake to experience hunting. This can be an exciting and unique experience.
  • Music and Dance Shows: Some tourists enjoy music and dance shows organized by tour groups, which can make your trip even more entertaining.

Best Time to Visit Dal Lake

The best time to visit Dal Lake in Kashmir is considered to be after the rainy season, between April to June and September and November. At this time, the sky is cloudy and the weather is calm and pleasant, due to which you can enjoy the beauty of Dal Lake. It is also worth taking special care to time your visit to coincide with special events, such as shikara rides and boating.

Gulmarg Kashmir Holidays

गुलमर्ग (Gulmarg)

Gulmarg is a beautiful and famous tourist destination located in Kashmir. Here, you can enjoy many exciting and entertaining activities. Following are some of the main activities:

  • Skiing: Gulmarg is popular for skiing. Here you can ski while mountaineering and enjoy skiing amidst snow.
  • Golf: There is a unique golf course that mesmerizes the players to play.
  • Gondola Ride: Taking a Gondola ride in Gulmarg is an experience. This takes you to the upper snow peak, from where you can enjoy mountaineering.
  • Trekking: There are many trekking routes in Gulmarg which are suitable for enjoying the natural beauty.
  • Snow Mobile Safari: During snowfall, you can enjoy the natural beautiful landscape of Gulmarg by snowmobile.
  • Shikara Ride: Shikara ride on Dal Lake is an attraction in Gulmarg. It lets you enjoy the beauty around the lake.

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

The best time to visit Gulmarg during the Kashmir holidays is between October to June. This period brings the Gulmarg weather chilly in winter, then pleasant and cool days along with the green and cool beauty of Gulmarg. Here you can enjoy skiing, golf, and mountaineering, and enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. But note that there is a possibility of snowfall in winter, which may affect the journey.

shalimar bagh kashmir
shalimar Bagh

शालिमार बाग (Shalimar Bagh)

There are many things you can do in Shalimar Bagh that can make your visit even more memorable. Here are some of the activities you can do at Shalimar Gardens:

  • Enjoy the Natural Beauty: Enjoy wandering in the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of Shalimar Bagh. You can enjoy the natural beauty while walking on the cozy official roads of the garden.
  • Enjoy gardening: Enjoy the unique plants and flowers at Shalimar Gardens. The fragrance and colorful nature of flowers of different species here will attract you.
  • Photography: Photograph the spectacular natural and architectural forms at Shalimar Gardens. Capture the diversity and beauty here on camera.
  • Relax: Sit in the garden, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. Relaxing in the peaceful and joyful environment here will give you new energy and peace.
  • Enjoy a picnic: Enjoy having a picnic in Shalimar Bagh. Have fun here with your family and friends by eating food to your taste.

Best Time to Visit Shalimar Bagh

The best time to visit Shalimar Bagh is from April to June and September to November, according to the weather in Kashmir. In this month, the weather of Kashmir is pleasant, which further enhances the beauty of the garden. During this time the weather is cool and pleasant, so you can enjoy the pleasure of the garden without the discomfort of heat and cold. Apart from this, the number of tourists is also less during this time, which can prejudice your enjoyment of Shalimar Bagh.


सोनमर (Sonamarg)

Sonamarg is a unique hill village filled with natural beauty. When you come here, you can enjoy many exciting and relaxing options. Here are details of some of the activities:

  • Trekking: You can go trekking to enjoy the natural beauty around Sonamarg. There are many trekking routes that take you amidst snowy mountains and lush green gardens.
  • Water Play Activities: There are many small and big rivers and lakes near Sonamarg, where you can enjoy rafting and fishing.
  • Horse Riding: You can enjoy horse riding in Sonamarg and experience the peace and beauty of the tourists.
  • Picnic and Camping: In Sonamarg, you can have a picnic and enjoy camping with your family in search of peace.
  • Photography: You can enhance your photography skills by enjoying the natural scenery and snowy mountains here.

Best Time to Visit Sonamarg

The best time to visit Sonamarg during the Kashmir holidays is from March to June. The weather during these months is cool and pleasant, and tourists can enjoy the peaceful mountains amidst snowfall. The days are longer in the summer months and cool water activities can be enjoyed. It is also worth noting that Sonamarg is very cold in winter, and due to snow the view of the hills here is extremely attractive. So, if you want to enjoy activities related to snowfall, then you can travel in the months of January to February.


पहलगाम (Pahalgam)

Pahalgam is a beautiful and attractive place which is one of the major tourist villages of Kashmir. Here you can enjoy many exciting and relaxing activities. Following are some of the major activities that you can do in Pahalgam:

  • Trekking: Pahalgam is away from transport traffic and is full of natural beauty. There are many trekking routes from here that lead you to the skylights. During trekking, you can enjoy beautiful views amidst the mountains.
  • Rafting: If you are an adventure lover, then the rafting experience in Pahalgam can be amazing. With Liders you can enjoy rafting in the meandering waters of the Lidder River.
  • Water Sports: There are many rivers and lakes around Pahalgam in which you can enjoy boating, canoeing, and fishing.
  • Walking and Sightseeing: Pahalgam has many ancient temples and caves that you can visit. Experience the natural beauty and local culture there.
  • Picnic: There are many picnic spots near Pahalgam where you can spend time with your family and friends. You can enjoy peace and quiet by sitting on the grasslands here.

Best Time to Visit Pahalgam

The best time to visit Pahalgam during the Kashmir holidays is between March to June and September to November. It allows you to enjoy beautiful views in both winter and summer when the weather is pleasant and attractive. Pahalgam is not cold in summer and there is a chance of snowfall in winter, making it an attractive destination for tourists. Before you travel, check the weather and temperature so that you can choose the most suitable time for your trip.

Shankaracharya Temple
Shankaracharya Temple

शंकराचार्य मंदिर (Shankaracharya Temple)

Shankaracharya Temple is a major religious place located in Sonamarg, Kashmir. You can do many activities by going here. Here is a list of some activities:

  • Religious Visitation: There is an opportunity to worship and meditate in the temple. By coming here, you can find peace in your mind and blessings on your soul.
  • Enjoy the Natural Scenery: The view around the temple is beautiful. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Kashmir from here.
  • Photography: Enjoy capturing the natural scenes near Shankaracharya Temple on camera.
  • Relaxation and Meditation: By coming here, you can sit in a peaceful environment for meditation and introspection.
  • Shopping in the local market: You can buy local tribal and interesting clothes by visiting the local market located near the temple.

Best Time to visit Shankaracharya Temple

The best time to visit Shankaracharya Temple in Kashmir is during the summer months when you can enjoy the cool breeze and clear weather. October to March is the best time to visit to enjoy the Shankaracharya Temple. At this time, the temperature remains moderate and there are very few clouds in the sky, allowing you to enjoy better views. The weather here is cool and charming, making you feel a sense of joy and solace.

Jammu and Kashmir National Park
Jammu and Kashmir National Park

जम्मू और कश्मीर के राष्ट्रीय उद्यान (Jammu and Kashmir National Park)

There are many activities you can do in Jammu and Kashmir National Park that help you enjoy the natural beauty. Here is a list of some activities:

  • Jungle Safari: Enjoy a jungle safari in the national park. You can see wild animals in their natural habitat and see their normal activities of life.
  • Trekking: Enjoy trekking in the park and connect yourself with the natural environment. This will make you feel connected to the environment and will also be beneficial for your physical health.
  • Picnic: Enjoy a picnic with your family and friends. Relax and enjoy special moments amid the natural beauty of the national park.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Here you can see a variety of wildlife, such as the Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Kabar, Chital, Leopard, and others.
  • Photography: Capture the natural scenes here and share beautiful memories of your trip.

Best Time to visit  Jammu and Kashmir National Park

The best time to visit Jammu and Kashmir National Park is between April and June and September and November. The weather is wonderful during these months and you can enjoy tourism without the hassles of extreme cold or heat. In summer, such as May and June, the weather is spectacular and the gardens offer colorful views. Enjoy the views of snow and ice in summer, especially in the month of November. Also, pay attention to the winter months for travel, but plan a trip during them due to the cold weather.

Ladakh Trip

लद्दाख (Ladakh)

Ladakh is a place where you can enjoy many exciting and enjoyable activities. Here is a list of some activities:

  • Trekking: Trekking in Ladakh is a unique experience. There are many famous trekking routes, such as Shahi Jori, Ladakh Green Trek, and visits to local villages.
  • Biking: If you are an adventure lover, you can enjoy a bike trip in Ladakh. Rukh Sukh Parikrama and Manele Yatra are very famous here.
  • Rafting: Experience rafting in the Indus River. The roots of Ladakh and the strong current of the river will give you a unique experience.
  • Paragliding: Enjoy paragliding in Parasagar, Nimu, and the Dras of Ladakh. Enjoy the beauty of the sky by flying from the high mountains there.
  • Bird Watching: Ladakh has an amazing collection of different types of birds. Here, you can experience birds at Lama Koti, Hemis, and Tung Tung Bird Sanctuary.
  • Caring: Experience the local culture and lifestyle in Ladakh. Here, you can see Buddhist monasteries, visit local markets, and taste local cuisine.

Best Time To Visit Ladakh

The best time to visit Ladakh in Kashmir is from June to September. This time is best for Ladakh weather when the temperature is high and there is no snowfall. Between June and August, the mountain roads open up to travel and travel is easy. In September, the weather in Ladakh is also lovely and pleasant, and it is also a good time to visit. From October to March, Ladakh is cold and a lot of snow falls, so traveling during this time is not very feasible. Therefore, the best time to enjoy Ladakh is between June to September.

Chashme Shahi
Chashme Shahi

चश्म-ए-शाही (Chashme Shahi)

While visiting Chashmi-e-Shahi, you can enjoy the following activities:

  • Natural Chaiwala: You can enjoy tea while sitting in the beautiful gardens of Chashm-e-Shahi and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere there.
  • Photography: Enjoy capturing the natural beauty and architecture here on camera. Decorate your social media profiles by taking pictures of the gardens of Chashm-e-Shahi.
  • Relaxation and Meditation: By coming to this place you can enjoy meditation and relaxation. Sit in the peaceful atmosphere here, calm your mind, and get new energy.
  • Cultural Care: You can learn more about the local cultural heritage of Kashmir by visiting Chashm-e-Shahi. You will get a chance to know the variety of plants and their details in the gardens here.
  • Garden Trekking: Enjoy short trekking in the mountains and forests surrounding Chashm-e-Shahi. It will be a unique experience to experience the environment and natural beauty here.
  • Food: By coming here you can enjoy local Kashmiri food and tea. There are many small food shops around Chashm-e-Shahi where you can easily enjoy the local cuisine.

Best Time To Visit Chashme Shahi

The best time to visit Chashm-e-Shahi is between March to June. It comes with aromatic gardens and unbridled natural beauty of greenery. During this time the environment is calm and pleasant, so that you can enjoy the garden and its beauty openly. In summer, visiting this site is worth the coolness of the winter season. After June, during the monsoon days, it rains, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty to the maximum, but there is also a risk of visiting the garden during the rainy season. In the cold season, such as October to February, the garden is cool and cool, but the pleasure of visiting it during this time is also different.

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Dachigam National Park in Kashmir

चिलाई वन (Dachigam National Park)

There are many activities that can be done in Chillai Forest which help travelers enjoy the natural beauty and life there. Here are some of the major activities:

  • Jungle Safari: A Forest safari facility is provided to travelers to enjoy the jungle safari in Chilai Forest. Here you can spot wildlife, such as the Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr, chitrakut, bard igloo, and other species.
  • Trekking: Travelers get the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty by trekking in Chilai Forest. Several paths take travelers deep into the forest and give them a chance to see the wildlife up close.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Wildlife viewing in Chilai Forest is a wonderful experience. Here you can see a variety of wildlife, including the Himalayan black bear, the Himalayan tahr, and other species.
  • Photography: There is an opportunity to capture the natural beauty of Chilai Forest on camera. Here you get the chance to photograph bard igloo, Himalayan tahr, and other forms of life.
  • Picnic: There are many beautiful places to enjoy a picnic in Chillai Forest. Here, you can enjoy the forest with your family and friends and enjoy the peace.

Best Time to Visit Dachigam National Park

The best time to visit Chilai Forest National Park is mainly in the spring and summer months. The weather here is pleasant from March to June and from September to October. During these months, the forest weather is pleasant and wildlife can be easily seen. This is the best time to see Bard Igloo and Himalayan Black Bear as well as other animals.

In the month of spring, the trees and plants of the forest are lush green and the weather is also pleasant. Despite the rain during the summer months, the beauty of this place is amazing. The winter months from October onwards see snowfall in the forest and the weather is cool and calm, but less pleasant for wildlife viewing.

If you are thinking of visiting Chilai Forest National Park, then the months of March-June and September-October can be the best for you.

Enjoy Your Holidays

How to Reach Kashmir?

There are many options to reach Kashmir, which you can choose as per your choice. Here are some major ways:

Air Travel: Srinagar, the main city of Kashmir, has Srinagar Airport, which is connected by Indian and other airlines. You can avail of direct flight services from many other Indian cities.

Train: The nearest railway stations to Kashmir are Jammu and Srinagar. There are many train services available from Jammu to Srinagar.

By Road: The most popular and exciting way to reach Kashmir is by road. You can reach Kashmir by bus, car, or taxi from nearby cities.

Himachal State Road: If you want to go from Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir, then you can use Himachal State Road. It lets you enjoy the beautiful views amidst the mountains of Kashmir.

Choose your choice among all the ways to reach Kashmir, and enjoy the journey. Keep in mind that you should book your tickets and check all the required documents for your journey well in advance.

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